Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coatings are the perfect finish when a decorative, highly durable and customizable floor finish is desired. Epoxy flooring is used in both commercial and residential applications and is a popular floor covering among industrial settings. Typical residential installations are designated for {but not limited to} garages, basements and storage rooms. Popular commercial and industrial installations involve warehouses, airport hangers, laboratories, restaurants, salons, spas and much more. Epoxy flooring systems are desired for their ability to withstand heavy loads, chemicals and abrasions. We at Essential Developments, Inc not only install epoxy flooring but also perform the necessary substrate preparations, such as: concrete diamond disc grinding, slab resurfacing, adhesive removal, self-leveling underlayment and more. We use the best products available on the market and also install the necassary baseboard trim moldings to enhance the aesthetic look of each custom epoxy install.

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