Tile Installation

We work with natural stone and glass tiles used for floor tile, wall tile, counter tops, back splashes, mosaics and various accents. Our glass tile is manufactured from recycled glass and aggregates. Many mosaic designs can be custom made from cut tile pieces or purchased pre-assembled on mesh and paper backing. Stone tile is a healthy flooring option because of its durability, life cycle and anti-allergen properties. Our contractors are skilled at commercial tile installation for businesses and institutions as well as simply renovating kitchen and bathrooms for residential clients. We strive to keep all projects within budget and on schedule while staying true to green building practices. Our installation process involves using dustless mortar mixes to reduce indoor air contamination when mixing outdoors is not available.


We ONLY begin the tile installation process after thoroughly inspecting, waterproofing in wet areas, preparing substrates for levelness and ensuring proper surface conditions. We utilize spirit poles, lasers, spirit levels and leveling systems such as the Perfect Level Master system all to ensure a professional razor sharp and level tile installation for our clients. We also install underlayment membranes such as DITRA membranes to prevent cracking and moisture damage which helps to eliminate future tile failure. Waste is eliminated by estimating material and labor cost accurately and also recycling unused and/or cut tiles which can later be used on other projects or donated to the Habitat for Humanity ReStores.

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